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ABC Fire door hollow metal doors are manufactured with a rust resistant wipe coat galvanized steel. Door faces display unequalled flatness and are virtually free of all weld marks due to the elimination of steel stiffeners.  With the various sizes and options available, our doors are constructed to meet the most rigid architectural demands.

Core types

Honeycomb- Made of high density honeycomb core, laminated under pressure along with interlocking lock seam edges to ensure durability.

Insulated- Door has a styrene or polyurethane core.

Steel stiffened- Door has vertical steel stiffeners to increase strength and life span.


  • Doors are available in :
  • 16 gauge for heavy duty use.
  • 18 gauge for moderate duty uses
  • 20 gauge for light duty uses
  • Doors are Flush with no Face Seam
  • Doors have 1/8 bevel in 2”   (3°)
  • Top and bottom of door have 16 gauge steel end channel projections welded on.
  • Hinge and lock edges have vertical, mechanically inter-locking seams and are sealed in RRPC 3 adhesive
  •  Doors are mortised, reinforced, drilled, and tapped for:
    1. standard cylindrical lock or blank reinforcement for push/pull or rim panic bars.
    2. Three 4 ½ template hinges for 1 ¾ thick doors.
  • Available with steel or vinyl top caps, Tacked and fully welded seams.
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